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A collection of whitepapers, articles, and video describing what Selector can do for you, whether you’re are franchisor, franchisee or consultant to the franchise market.


Building Trust with Banks

New Zealand franchisors consistently report that finding and keeping good franchisees is their number one problem.

Now, research shows that even when they find the right people, there is increasing concern about whether they will have access to the finance they need to start or grow their franchise.

Understanding the keys to success in New Zealand franchising

What creates a successful franchisee? Why is it, given the same training and using the same systems, some franchisees create thriving businesses while others struggle? And why is it so difficult to find suitable franchisees? Grant Amos explores the keys to understanding.


Don’t risk recovery by hiring the wrong people

As New Zealand businesses start hiring again after the worst economic downturn in a generation, an organisational psychologist is urging them not to stifle their recovery by employing the wrong people.

Gleaning psychometric-based insights for franchise success

Selecting a new franchisee can be a big risk for a franchise. It’s also a big risk for a new franchisee, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of their time, labour and emotional commitment. How can franchisors – and prospective franchisees – make sure they make the right decision?

How to match Australia

Grant Amos gives ten tips for the ways New Zealand can catch up with Australia economically. Republished with permission from Management Magazine, July 2010.

Overcoming 5 myths about team performance

Grant Amos, writing in NZ Business Magazine, shatters some myths on how teams behave.

Right people, right place

Selector has been unlocking the secrets of successful franchisees in New Zealand.

See what the latest issue of Franchise New Zealand magazine says about us.

Testing the franchise fit

A recent article in the New Zealand Herald discusses the use of psychometric testing when selecting prospective franchisees. Republished with the permission of The New Zealand Herald, June 30 2010.

What makes a franchisee the right person

We asked Franchize Consultants Managing Director Win Robinson and Selector’s registered psychologist Grant Amos to explain how the new partnership can help franchises flourish.


Insights into franchise performance

A study by Selector Limited offers insights into franchise performance. Grant Amos, Consultant Psychologist at Selector Limited and Ian Robertson, former Group Franchise Manager with Paper Plus discuss Selector’s work with the franchise sector.