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People are complicated.

Select, retain and develop the right people for your franchise.

People are the most important aspect of your franchise. Selector’s personality assessments along with expert consultation help franchise owners, franchisees and consultants select, retain and develop the staff and management most likely to perform and succeed.

By understanding more about the personalities of your candidates and existing team you can improve their fit, their effectiveness and tailor your management accordingly.

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Easy to use. Expert advice

All Selector’s assessments can be completed by a candidate with an Internet connection and virtually any modern web browser from anywhere in the world. The reports are generated automatically as soon as the candidate finishes their questionnaire.

Selector can provide you with expert interpretation of our easy-to-use, online assessments. Starting at juset NZ$225 for our Selector Insight assessment and interpretive service.

The best fit

Your understanding of how people fit into your organisation gets a huge boost with Selector’s tools. Easily understand the working style and interactions of your people.

Franchise Association

Selector is a member of the Franchise Association.

Grant Amos was a speaker at the 2014 Franchise Association Conference, in Queenstown, where he spoke about the value of personality testing and how franchises can benefit from psychometrics.


Personality tests or psychometric tests measure aspects of people’s personailty such as their behaviour, abilities and resilience to stress. Over more than a decade, Selector has developed a suite of tools in the New Zealand and Australian market to help businesses make better people decisions.

Comprehensive assessments

Selector has a range of assessment products to suit your organisation and the roles you are assessing.

Most franchises choose the Selector Insight assessment, along with our expert interpretation, for positions up to and including middle-management. Selector Insight has been helping businesses select staff, validate performance, profile teams, set benchmarks and in performance management for more than a decade.

For senior roles, the fully interpreted Selector Professional is used. This provides a comprehensive assessment of a candidates reasoning, vocational preferences, creative, practical and analytical abilities, learning style, resilience to stress and how they behave in a team environment.